Car Maintenance Tips For A Worry-Free Drive

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Owning the car of your choice at some point in our life is everyone’s desire, and the lucky ones do end up buying one that they’ve always wanted. A luxury car is not just a vehicle for us; it’s a symbol of pride and status. But when a car is purchased, it comes with its own set of challenges. 

To keep the car in good running condition, maintaining it is very important. In India, we usually come across bad, good, and worst roads, and maintaining the car in good shape is a challenge. The misery of a car owner increases due to chaotic traffic. However, to tackle that and to keep it in mint condition, here are some car maintenance tips.

1. Go through the owner’s manual

First things first, the owner’s manual comes with every car. To know more details about your car, you must read the manual. The owner’s manual gives you details such as service interval, engine oil change interval, and some basic trouble-shooters. Thus, reading the owner’s manual helps to solve some basic problems that are encountered during the ownership of a car. Reading the manual will also be suggested by the service center or a mechanic.

2. Top Up/Change Engine Oil

Changing engine oil at regular intervals is vital as it maintains the health of the engine. Engine oil is just like the blood that flows inside the engine to keep things intact. The engine oil level can be easily checked through the dipstick or the digital display if it is a digital gauge. At the time of the first service, the mechanic can show you how to check the oil level. The prescribed oil level should be maintained, and the quality of oil should also be checked for a longer run.

3. Check Battery

The car will not start without a battery. Modern batteries are easy to maintain, and you just need to check it once in a while. The battery terminals need to be checked and inspected for any damage or rusting and cleaned frequently. If the car hasn’t been used for a long time, it should be driven at least 3-4 times in a week to keep the battery up and to run.

4. Check Tyre Pressure

Once in 10 days, check the tyre pressure at least. Under-inflated tyres not only affect the handling, but they also result in additional fuel consumption. If the tyres are under-inflated, the tyres will wear out faster. Over inflating the tyres is also extremely unsafe as it might result in tyre burst.

5. Check Wheel Alignment

A proper wheel alignment maintains the correct balance of the car. You need to adjust the wheel alignment if the car drifts to the sides when you are driving in a straight line. Tyres should be rotated to make sure that there is no rusting, and the wheel is rotating freely. These precautionary checks will help save you money from the next service bill.

6. Cleaning Or Replacing the air filters

Cleaning the air filter is a relatively simple job. In modern cars, accessing the air filter is easy and can be carried out with basic tools. Checking the air filter at least once or twice a month is recommended. The air filter is damaged; it should be cleaned or replaced. Dust will accumulate on the air filter if the car is driven in dusty conditions and will eventually affect the efficiency of the engine. Therefore, keep the air filter clean for the engine to work efficiently.

7. Keep The Interiors And The Exterior Of The Car Clean

Last but not least, try and keep the interior and exterior of the car clean. Thoroughly clean and wash your car at least once a week and clean the interiors as well. Food items, water bottles, and unnecessary stuff inside the car should be avoided. Regularly car washing helps protect the paint and keeping the shine intact.

These simple maintenance tips will help you to keep your car in pristine condition. Good performance and good fuel efficiency will be delivered if the car is properly maintained. All-in-all have a worry-free drive with a well-maintained car. 

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