Engine Repairs

Engine Repairs

Your engine light is an indication that something on your car needs attention. Your car may have some issues, and it’s time to take it to a service center.

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When you notice the“check engine” light, it is a warning that something on your car is either not working right or is about to breakdown. The check engine light is connected internally with the system in your car that monitors your vehicle’s functions. You may not notice any problem when your check engine light turns on, but this is often a serious warning for you before the problem arises.

Deciding to repair or replace your engine depends on what’s wrong with it. Complex repairs can cost more than the cost of replacing the engine, but other times it may only need a relatively simple fix. You would want to discuss your engine problems with a mechanic before making a decision.

The additive in the engine oil starts to heat up to high temperatures over 150 degrees almost every time you drive it. 10,000 km mark is a good interval to have your engine oil replaced. You should never drain your engine oil out and put new oil in without changing the oil filter first. If you don’t change the oil filter when changing the engine oil in your car, you are likely to mix your clean engine oil with deteriorated engine oil, and this will lessen the effectiveness of the new engine oil.

Not really! The presence of an occasional engine knocking noise is not necessarily harmful to the engine. Additionally, when an engine knocking noise is heard in the engine, it does not indicate a switch should be made to gasoline with a higher octane level. But if knocking in the engine becomes persistent, then it could be the indication of a more serious car engine problem.Get your carat Automechanica and let our experts inspect the engine knocking to avoid any potential damage vehicle’s engine. AutoMechanica invites you to schedule an appointment online.

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