Tyre Replacement

Tyre Replacement

We are committed to providing top-quality auto repairs and services. If you want the best deal on tyres, AutoMechanica is the place to come. We offer the best prices in town on tyres, brakes, wheel alignment, and balancing, suspension, tune-ups, and all other auto services.

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There is no difference in appearance between tube type and Tubeless tires. However, you can see “Tubeless” written on the sidewall of the tubeless tyres to indicate its construction.

By their construction and design, tube-type tyres must not be used without tube as tubeless. However, the use of tubes in a tubeless tyres for a limited period in case of emergencies is permissible.

In the tubeless tyres, there is no tube, and the air is compressed between the tyres and rim assembly. Therefore, it is important that the condition of your wheel rim should be good and should be able to support tyres beads firmly so that there is no air leakage.

There could be many factors that may involve wheel rim, tyres, tube, and valve. AutoMechanica experts would suggest getting your tires inspected by our tyres experts for corrective actions.

It’s natural for radial tyres to have a slight bulge in the sidewall/shoulder area at their proper air pressure. Check or adjust tyres air pressure every fortnight, before any long trip or if traveling with a heavy load. And don’t forget to check the spare.

In tyres designation or size markings, “R” is used to denote the Radial construction of a tyres. For instance, 165/80R14 – here R indicate Radial tire for 14-inch rim diameter code. Moreover, “Radial” is also embossed on the tyres sidewall.

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