Windshield Coating

Windshield Coating

Driving in bad weather conditions is now safer than ever because the coating is set and sealed on your windscreen, until long after it has been applied. It not only improves the night vision and wet weather visibility as good as, or better than conventional products but also adds to the durability segment as well.

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Hydrophobic coating is applied to the auto glass to give it self-cleaning properties. This coating contains titanium oxide that causes water, dust, and other debris to be readily dispersed from auto glass.

A single coating lasts anywhere from 2-8 months in direct sunlight and outdoor conditions before a top-coat re-coating is needed. Indoor and protected outdoor applications put longevity at approximately one year or more.

Windshield coating helps you to restore the original shine and finish of your windshield, ensuring the clear vision and also helps in repelling water to some extent.

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