The car repairs can be too expensive; however, every car requires some repair at a certain point in time. This could be due to a wrong diagnosis of the problem, or the car was not repaired properly. The most common philosophy of “repair by replacement” is followed by most mechanics. Although it resolves the problem, replacing all the parts that may be causing issues is much more expensive for the owner.

A substandard mechanic will just replace the parts, hoping that the problem will go away. In comparison, a great mechanic will require time to analyze the issue appropriately. Before the more expensive repairs are undertaken, the simple things that may be causing the fault will be taken care of.

How will the owner know if major repairs are required?

The big first step is to know what creates issues in the car and find a great mechanic, the owner of the car can trust can also keep the repair costs at a minimum.

Here are some common customer misdiagnoses, complaints, and correct diagnoses:

  • Minor water leaks: These are misdiagnosed as exhaust leaks, and the cost of replacing the exhaust system is high. More often than not, the accurate diagnosis is simply condensation – a regular occurrence that doesn’t need any repairs.
  • Noise caused by whirring: This is usually caused by old tyres that require replacement. It can be misdiagnosed as a much more expensive wheel bearing failure.
  • Car overheating: This can be wrongly diagnosed as a blocked radiator or faulty water pump, although, in reality, it may be caused by a fault in the electric radiator fan – very common in heavy traffic conditions and very affordable and cheaper to fix.
  • Knocking noises: If the car makes scary noises when going over bumps, the owner will be told that the car rear shock absorbers need replacement. Whereas it’s just a loose jack or something else rattling in the trunk of the car.
  • Gears slow when starting the car: Many mechanics will automatically charge the owner to replace the entire transmission, at a cost in the thousands. The same problem is caused by a minor leak of transmission oil, which is far cheaper to fix. 


A wrong diagnosis of car issues is widespread. A little knowledge on the owner’s part is also essential. The owner should choose a great mechanic and go in with some knowledge about the car, how it runs, and what the faults and issues could really mean. It will help them avoid those major car repair costs and save them a lot of money.


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